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Payment Status 2024

You can check the payment status in the published list. Please, make sure to pay ahead. Payment instructions can be found here: (Scroll down below)

ABC Open 2023: Highlights and Memories

Step into the badminton world’s highlights from ABC Open 2023! In a cozy yet spirited atmosphere, we hosted a two-day tournament catering to all badminton enthusiasts, ranging from casual players to those in Hessenliga. The event saw friendly competition in women’s doubles, men’s doubles, men’s singles, women’s singles and mixed doubles. With a heartwarming sense… Read More »ABC Open 2023: Highlights and Memories

Payment Status

To those who have paid your registration fee, your payment is published in the list attached! To those who have not done so, please pay upfront to save us time on the final day. Note: we update this list only on a weekly basis.