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Your Summary and checklist for the Tournament

Dear Participants,

We are super excited to welcome you to the 2nd edition of our international badminton tournament ABC Open 2024 in Frankfurt! We have prepared you a Summary for the upcoming weekend.

Event Details

DisciplineDayStart TimeYour latest arrival
Mixed Doubles08.06.202409:00 am8:30 am
Men’s Singles08.06.202412:30 pm12:00 pm
Women’s Singles08.06.20241:30 pm1:00 pm
Men’s Doubles09.06.202409:00 am8:30 am
Women’s Doubles09.06.202412:00 pm11:30 am
Please arrive at least 30mins in advance to Pay Fees, Mark your Presence and Warm-Up

All games and draws are now online:

IMPORTANT: The scheduled game times online are not fixed . We will call out games as soon as courts are available. Do not rely on the online schedule, also because there will still be changes. Starting from the second round, games may and certainly will start earlier than stated. If your first game is scheduled for 10:20, please arrive latest by 9:30 so we know you’re here and can call you if your game starts earlier. Especially, in the afternoon come at least 1 – 1,5h earlier than your scheduled game. Please, also re-check the games and times on the day of the tournament We cannot guarantee warm-up time if you arrive late. If you have doubts, please write us an email:

Summary for the Event Day

  1. Prepare your Kit (Rackets, Feather Shuttles, Badminton Shoes, etc)
  2. Arrive at least 30mins before the start time. We are opening the doors 8:15 am (How to reach the Venue)
  3. If you haven’t done so yet, Pay your fees at the Food Stall (you can pay by Cash or Card) Please, come earlier if you haven’t paid via bank transfer. If you have transfered the fee, that we couldn’t verify in our accounts yet by Friday evening. Please, send us an Email with screenshot of your transaction.
  4. After paying the fees you MUST mark your presence at the tournament “Admin Box”
    • you will find it in a Glass Box inside the “Hall 1” of the venue
  5. Warm-up on available/free courts before the start time
  6. We will have an on-site Badminton Shop to offer you racket stringing service, shuttles and other accessories
  7. We will offer a variety of options for food and drinks, including specialties from our international group of members! Look forward to: cakes, sandwiches, coffee, biryani, spring rolls and much more!
  8. We will try to provide enough signs & directions for you to find your way around (both the Halls, WC, Change Room, etc.) But whenever in doubt, feel free to reach out to us or any of the ABC Frankfurt volunteers.

Key Points during the Matches

  1. The special rules for the tournament will be explained before the start.
  2. Please be respectful of your opponents.
  3. For a smooth & timely finish, please avoid long breaks and long warm-up time before/during the matches. (max. 2 min. warm-up before a starting a game)

Looking forward to hosting you all in the coming weekend!


ABC Open Org Team (Ha, Shaumik, Vanessa)